Company Profile

PT.SEMUWA DIRGANTARA (PT.SD) was established on July 29,book of the dead demo 2012 based in the city of Sentani. At first PT.SD only engaged in the field of Air Cargo Expedition Services to various areas in the interior of Papua.

PT.SD then strives to continuously improve the quality of services and human resources that are reliable and professional and develop supporting tools (infrastructure) to be ready to serve service users by providing the best service.

In line with the development of the aviation industry in Indonesia, especially in Papua, Semuwa Dirgantara then tried to develop the business by buying 4 units of aircraft and establishing a professional and certified Ground Handling Division and providing services for airlines in Jayapura.

The owner and founder of PT.Semuwa Dirgantara is Mr. Wagus Hidayat. With his leadership and experience, PT.SD has become an air transportation service company with high prospects in the Papua region


 Vision And Mission

Becoming the air transportation services company of choice in the interior of Papua.

Providing Significant and sustainable benefits to stakeholders by:

Establish a mutually beneficial partnership as well, Providing excellent service to customers by prioritizing safety, fluency and timeliness.

The company as a center for empowering competent, professional and high integrity human resources.

Good corporate governance (Good Corporate Governance).



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In operating a company, it must be organized and coordinated. Every company must have an Organizational Chart. This organizational structure is very important in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

PT.Semuwa Dirgantara’s Office is Led by a Managing Director who has absolute power in implementing and managing the company. The Main Director is assisted by 3 Managers.

Each Manager in Each Unit is assisted by Supervisors. They always work together and are always responsible for their work to make the company more successful and progressively.