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PT.Semuwa Dirgantara currently has 4 units of aircraft with details of 3 aircraft types Otwin DHC-6/300 and 1 unit of Caravan C208

PT.Semuwa Dirgantara also partnered with PT.Trigana Air Service and PT.Alfa Trans Dirgantara by collaborating in Aircraft Operations with the 2 airlines,book of the dead demo download 3 Twin Otter Units of PT. Semuwa Dirgantara were entrusted to the AOC (Air of Certificate) of PT.Trigana Air Service and 1 Caravan Unit C208 are entrusted to AOC PT.Alfa trans Dirgantara.

PT.Semuwa Dirgantara operates all of its fleets in the Papua Region by serving remote airstrip routes with 4 Base namely Jayapura, wamena, Timika and Nabire.



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In order to meet and provide the best service for the needs of services to customers, we open services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


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To meet customer needs in mobilization, effectiveness and time flexibility. We provide aircraft charter services that can be used by all customers.

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